Tale of Two Fathers
  • TitleTale of Two Fathers
  • Date Published11/03/2015
  • AuthorDoug Sherman
  • Genre SlimFaith

Too many people live their lives with an inaccurate view of God that was influenced by our culture, their past, their flawed relationships, myths, or incomplete teaching. As a result, they live feeling as though God is mean, critical, unfair, and disinterested in their life. In this book, Doug Sherman unpacks his childhood with an abusive father who instilled shame, disgust, and cruelty into Doug’s perception of what the word “father” means. Until one night, when something miraculous happened, and everything changed. Darkness turned to light, condemnation turned to grace, and despair turned to hope. Join Doug on his amazing life journey of discovering who God really is, what He intends for all of us, and how we can know Him deeply, personally, and all throughout the active parts of our day. #SlimFaith #SlimIdeas

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