Post Grad
  • TitlePost Grad
  • Date Published06/27/2015
  • AuthorJessie Davis
  • Genre SlimFaith

For every Post Grad, the first portion of life has been predictable, patterned, and safe. From kindergarten there was grade school, from middle school there was high school, and from high school there was college. Upon graduation, however, life shifts suddenly and dramatically from a train on the rails to a boat on a wide open sea of uncharted territory. The course we take after graduation is all on our own, and the adventure that awaits is as intimidating as the ocean itself. In Post Grad, Jessie Davis shares deep insight into how to not only survive, but thrive and sail well through the most important years of their lives. This book is perfect for anyone who is approaching graduation from college, just graduated from college, or knows someone in either of those two categories. #SlimFaith #SlimIdeas

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