Life as a Country Song
  • TitleLife as a Country Song
  • Date Published06/17/2015
  • AuthorTyler Grissom
  • Genre SlimFaith

There is no perfect formula for grieving the loss of a loved one. And, there shouldn’t be. It’s a journey unique to every individual, and to every situation. In this book, Tyler authentically shares the story of losing his dad in a tragic work accident, outlining his journey from despair to grieving with hope.This is not a book about resolve, quick fixes, or easy answers. It’s a book about the journey of life we all travel down. Tyler sharesstories about his dad, his love for country music, and all the tangible ways God showed up along the way. Tyler starts the book by asking, “Will you pay attention to the subtle ways in which God might show up in the midst of your grief?” You are not alone on your journey of grief. Tyler’s hope is that this book can be a guide for your journey towards hope. #SlimFaith

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