Letters from God
  • TitleLetters from God
  • Date Published11/11/2015
  • AuthorDoug Sherman
  • Genre SlimFaith

While most people would SAY that He is good, kind and affectionate, few LIVE their lives as though it is true. Sadly, they live as though God is small, distant, critical and not very interested in them. They often finish their day without many rich encounters with Him. They live life as though this amazing Person is not all that interesting, relevant, or necessary. As a result, they feel distant and independent from Him instead of enjoying the best life possible. All this changes, however, when we learn to LIVE as though He is a PERFECT Father, taking infinite delight in us with unwavering devotion, loyalty and desire for a deep personal friendship. It starts when we humbly rethink who He is from the ground up and start LIVING as though He is the Person He promises to be for us in His word. In this book, Doug Sherman has taken truths from the Bible and beautifully crafted them as letters from God for you and to you. Get ready for a substantial trade up in your view of God! #SlimFaith

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