Founder’s Blueprint: Book 3 - Validation
  • TitleFounder’s Blueprint: Book 3 - Validation
  • Date Published07/22/2015
  • AuthorJack Porter
  • Genre SlimBusiness

Jack Porter continues bringing the startup wisdom with Book 3 in the Founder’s Blueprint series focusing on the Validation stage of a startup. This is where founders find out if they really have something worth pursuing. It is one thing to have your mom think your idea is cool, and its neat to have people tell you they'd use your product - but that doesn't mean anything until people actually buy, click, download, use, and/or share. This stage is all about validating action, and iterating on your product, landing page, and company strategy until you prove that you have something worth pursuing. In this book, Jack expands the topics covered in the first and second book of this series with all that you need to know in specific, tactical detail to put yourself ahead of the curve and in front of the competition. If you are feeling unsure of yourself now, you won’t after you read this book. It’s packed with wisdom that can only come from experience. #SlimBusiness #SlimIdeas

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