About Us

We think most books are too long.

Don't get us wrong, there are definitely some books that leave us wanting more. But not most books.

For whatever reason, we've all decided that in order for a book to be a "book," it has to be 250+ pages. Even if there's not 250 pages of unique, meaningful content, there's 250 pages of words. In a digitally connected world with a shrinking attention span and expanding demands on time, this doesn't work. We don't have time for fluff.

Let's just stop fluffing books, ok? Let's allow writers to write only what they want to write, not wasting a single word, and then let's share them with the world.

SlimBooks are bite-sized, brilliant books, that you can read in an hour or two. Nothing longer than 100 pages. Books you can actually finish. More fun to write, more fun to read, and easy to share.


SlimBooks is growing! We're looking for fun and professional people who believe in this idea. We're big on hiring the right people, not so big on hiring to fill job descriptions. So, tell us about yourself, what you're great at, what you love, and why you want to work with us. If it seems like a fit, we'll be in touch!

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